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dustysandles's Journal

4 April
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I'm interested in writing, cooking, gardening and fishing. Fishing is perhaps my favorite. I got that bug early in life.
My children are raised, and although we live apart, we are close.
I've been married twice, and although married now, it's dissolved into a relationship of roommates. That is largely due to her illness.
I don't cut and run in bad times.
I am rather shy at first meeting but will warm up to an honest person.
I rarely allow a male friend. My Dad was great, I had other great role models, but events in the Navy so many years ago have caused me to dislike most males.

My given name is John but I chose Dustysandles years ago as a screen name. It came to me from an old text I read long ago, that went something like this:

"If you go to that place and you treat them with every kindness and yet they turn you away, if you are thirsty, and need of drink, but they turn you away, if you are hungry, and need of food, but yet they turn you away, if you are tired and need of sleep, but yet they turn you away, then you must go to the edge of that place at sun's rise, and wipe its dust from your feet and sandals"; for it is written, "have pity on them, for at judgment day, it will be worse for them, than it was for Sodom."

I remember a birth dream I had in infancy, have had a near-death-experience, and out-of-body experiences, but am just John, some of what I've said may be surreal but it's my real. PEACE