So What Of World Peace?

I swear Peace is being worn out like the word Love, and just as abused. Seriously, can our planet go on much longer with nations so far out of sync on peace? Doubt it? History teaches that nations at or about at their next technological leap when overextended social/politically have declined or failed. So what gives?

Is it convenient to forget history nowadays? Who profits from this? In the near future are things, that are beyond today's average, and yes, even enlightened imaginations. How many know that there are now clothes that can charge your smartphone as you walk? Harry Potter? Yes, clothes that cloak your appearance are here.

This era if not straightened out, may be viewed by future historians as the Grey Ages, if we are lucky, if not, it will be known as the Second Dark Age...and you can take that to the bank fellow Earthstronauts! PEACE, and where there is none may it find you and yours.

Those Funny, Weird, And Silly Pill Commercials--Seriously!!!!!

Often my T.V. ventures get interrupted by those crazy pill commercials. You know the ones, yes, they start off telling you for 20 seconds how their new pill will help what ails you. That is then followed by 45 seconds of the dangers associated with taking the pill that "may" occur. They end with consult your doctor about those bad side effects, you know, like a blown liver, spleen, lungs or heart. "Hello Doc!" --"Yah, this is John!--"You know that pill you prescribed for my aching joints?"--"Yah, that little green one doc!"--"Well, I'm in ICU about to be put on a ventilator!"--"Doc, hello, hello Doc, Doc?"

Invariably within the same hour slot, a law firm commercial comes on about those pills. One actually starts off, "If you or a loved one died or was seriously injured..."

"What was that?"--"Call if I died?"

Would it go as follows:
O.K. so I call DEWEY, CHEATUM and HOWE Law Firm. "Yes hello, this is John calling from the other side!"--"What other side?"--"Listen, I took that little green pill and died!"--"Yes THAT other side!"--"Well, I want to sue these dipshits!"--"Yes, I saw your commercial, we even watch it up here!"--"Listen, plenty of people are waiting for the phone, so I'll make it quick."--"Shit no, I didn't call collect, we're a trillion miles away, besides it's free up here!"--"So listen because of that pill, I died!"--"Heart, lungs, liver, spleen?"--"Fuck No!"--"I turned green was out for a cigarette, some kid screamed, "look mommy an Alien!", she screamed, everyone screamed, and a cop shot me!"

"What?"--"That's not a side effect!"--"What?"--"Listen, if you don't take this case, I'm calling your cousins Firm, DEWEY, REAMUM and HOWE!"

What I Learned While Visiting The Other Side

There at the Light nearby, and being halted by two angels, and addressed by the Gatekeeper, I learned something.

What I learned was an eternity lesson as follows: We are all born inherently good. We are created light from Eternal Light.

Call that created light the soul, the spirit, light or goodness itself, we are here to increase that light within us, and hopefully share it with the world. I'm not talking religion here, but rather spirituality.

I will never mock or otherwise insult any human's religion or belief system [all] but rather celebrate light, no matter how it's gained. Pity the poor fool that diminishes their own light and that in others. The Gatekeeper is waiting, and tomorrow is not a promise but rather a gift.

Eternity awaits the end of our light journey here.

What is Eternity? Consider when the Earth was first created, starting with the first element(s) of its mass [all views accepted], a decimal point was put down. Since that beginning billions of years ago, every fraction of a N/sec, a zero (0) has been placed to the right of that decimal point, and 10 minutes from now, a one (1) will be put down.

This indescribable fraction is not a fraction of eternity, but rather of "understanding" eternity. Time in eternity is not like that here on Earth. The only way as a visitor for just a moment, that I can explain time there, is that it is multi dimensional, and expanding with no end. Also there, sound and yes light are special, both within their existence, and the existence of we, as special light, which travels within it. Yes my Friends, WE ARE SPECIAL LIGHT!


When There Is No Place To Go

When I get sick or downright down about this world, I leave. I go in meditation to the Moon, sit there and look back at the Blue Pearl. It is so beautiful. If yet, there on the Moon, looking back at the beautiful Earth, the problems there are still bothering me, I go further away, until the Moon is gone and the Earth is but a speck.

There I ponder the Universe, its magnificence, and that tiny speck, grain of sand, Earth. I live on that grain of sand. Then pondering the universe, everything we know is in it, I often come to the conclusion, as small as I am, a tiny speck, within the Universe, I am special, we are special. Yes, we are people of light, special light from Eternal.

Hug your Light today! PEACE...EARTHSTRONAUTS!!!!!!

The Path

Somewhere but nowhere
Someone but no one
Sometimes but never
Some paths may lead to someone
Some paths lead to no one
Sometimes the first step
Leads to someone somewhere
Yes, the first step untaken
Leads to no one nowhere
I am waiting
I am hoping
I am on the path

Funny Stuff My Granddaughter Ponders

I have 3 granddaughters and one on the way. I have one who is 12, gifted, and an all around great human being. She wants to be a scientist. She has a heavy class load of advanced classes but also stays after school to tutor. While on the way home with my son today she was very quiet in the back seat. He asked her, "why so quiet?" "Well dad, why do people tow trucks with their eyelids?" "What, who does that honey?" "Well, I was looking in the Guinness Book of World Records, and there was a guy who towed a truck with his eyelids!" "Yes honey, they do that with a special harness." "O.K. dad, but they can't tell me he didn't use his legs!" She often ponders the universe also, loves math, and has 2 pet Iguanas. I bought her a microscope and telescope and am going to get more advanced models now.

Ah Yes! Possible Earthlike Planets Are Being Discovered

WOW!!!!! Scientists are discovering possible earthlike planets thousands of light/yrs away!!!! Double Wow!!!! So how long before we get a positive, not possible or probable answer?

Here's what needs to be done: Set up a telescopic observatory on the Moon. Point all that wonderful equipment at EARTH! Then try to find out what's going on down here!!!!! I would suggest Philosophical/Astronomers be at the helm. Have a nice day pioneers!

Another Form To Fill Out

Oh wow! Today I got another form to fill out. They want to know my "RACE". I've been there and done this one before. Yep, RACE: HUMAN Ethnicity: Earthling I suppose I'll get it back saying I can't do that. Oh well, yes I can.

To The World: "I Am Your Friend!"

As the Earth spins on it's axis, tilted and ending Summer, arriving at Winter, only to eventually, give us Spring, I look back at the many Autumns. They were here after so many wonderful Summers. Sunny Autumn days and cold nights slow down the ebb and flow of nutrients, and in the leaves, that place of photosynthesis, get slowed down, leaving those nutrients to cease making green chlorophyll, yielding those vistas of spectacular colors. They are nearly breathtaking at times. Before we know it though, it's over. As I get older I ponder sometimes how grand it would be if Autumn could last for 4 months at least. Maybe that would prepare me for these bitter Winters, especially this one, when my wife has left me. I make mistakes. I admit them and own them. Yes, world I am your friend, nature guides me, she loves me and warm days await.

ME, A Planet Earthman

"If you go to that place and you treat them with every kindness and yet they turn you away, if you are thirsty, and need of drink, but they turn you away, if you are hungry, and need of food, but yet they turn you away, if you are tired and need of sleep, but yet they turn you away, then you must go to the edge of that place at sun's rise, and wipe its dust from your feet and sandals"; for it is written, "have pity on them, for at judgment day, it will be worse for them, than it was for Sodom." I remember being born, have had a near-death-experience, and out of body experiences. Those close to me have said, I bi-locate [not!], but through it all, I am someone, but no one, I am just JOHN. PEACE